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Five Myths Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Didn’t Support

1- Domestic Abuse of children.

When that changed, so did my outlook on the fair game.

What I saw when struggling was verified by the excuses I heard from those around me.

Spending twenty years with NYPD, I was as close as I could imagine to the life I lived and the lives unfolding in front of me.

Tell a seven-year-old that he can have a mountain top dream after his mother just beat the crap out of him and the fifth man is living in the home.

2- Education is set up for failure.

My mother had no shortage of opportunities as well as my peers in my neighborhood.

As Denzel Washington said, “It all starts in the home.”

I was one of those kids who attended decent schools. My interest was in getting emotional attention from the one person who was unable to do that.

Not only did my interest in school diminish, but my belief was also because I felt no one there could understand what it felt like to be evicted often, constantly have the lights cut off, struggle for a meal (In America) or understand true unhappiness; the people where I lived was what I saw most. Well, that’s what I did. Monkey see, a monkey can be bought.

3- Jails are made for minorities.

I spent twenty years trying to change people’s minds who were comfortable living the way they were.

I have a half brother (from my father, whom I never met) who was released from prison for God knows how many times, only to get a job and quit after two days. His excuse, the owner, was “gay,” and he was not having that “shit.”

Not too long after, he committed yet another crime and is still in prison.

Rich soul, minority mind.

4- Violence is the way to justice.

Why can’t I remember or care to remember the cause. Do you know what that sight does to a child or young adult? What did this accomplish? Not a damn thing but the overtaking of the resulting cheap real estate for purchase.

Libraries were never crowded with groups older than 12 years old. That’s the age at which I stopped going. Drugs and alcohol were more important.

I became a frequent flyer at the free clinic for medical issues that could have been avoided. But hey, that had to be some white supremacist thing.

Many kids can’t make it to the age of ten without some mental, physical, or emotional abuse by the hand of their own caretakers.

Progress can not exist if we don’t start by “Cleaning our room.” As Jordan Peterson says.

I can’t count the times I sat in church with the bible thumping messengers of God, Only to hear them obliterate people behind their backs.

After a while, the oppression we inflict on one another comes out in a way that one can only know. Violence.

Learning to take responsibility for our hypocritical nature without blaming others is a miraculous start.

5- There really is a difference between black and white people.

NWA was a rap group that became well known in the early 1990s. To my personal knowledge, they were the first to be paid to not only use the “N” sound, but millions of people started wearing this as some rebellious identity badge.

After them, the flood gates of so-called group advocates hit the declining music scene. Biggie Smalls, Jay-Z, Nas, and so on.

I was one of those obnoxious kids, smoking weed and bopping my head to the “N” sound like it was my root heritage.

The next thing I knew, I was drinking Gin and juice in stairwells while my LaGuardia School of Performing Arts dance career got drowned out.

How I fixed all this, I paid attention to what Dr. Martin Luther King really stood for. Hint, it is not self-righteous, self-identifying black people.

It’s actually dis-associating with what is harmful to you and others. The following words I no longer identify with: black, negro, nigger, minority, and especially African-American.

I will never forget the “light-skinned” grown-ups, who used my mom and our apartment for their activities. Not giving a crap about mine or her well being. Didn’t they notice the unsanitary conditions of the home? Oh, I forgot, Black Lives Don’t really matter. And they shouldn’t.

By the way, the creation of the word Nigger came from the meaning cheap. Nig, is very little or less than(got it, minority)…hence inexpensive merchandise or material. When all people of any identified culture or color were sold, there were marketed as cheap people for sale.

Haven’t I purchased this theory in my day and have been mentally sold for a shitty price at that?

I can’t change the minds of others. I can do this, as Jordan Peterson says, “Stop making your life more miserable than it has to be.”

Regardless of what your idols tell you.

I have a dream, and it’s in alignment with the virtues of Dr. Martin Luther King.

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